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Outdoor Cameras

Expand your security perimeter with Outdoor Bullet Cameras. With standard features like full 1080P HD video, motion detection and night vision, our Outdoor Bullet Cameras also provide the ability to view live and recorded clips. Plus with our Alula Smart Security app you can set up notifications that will alert you when suspicious motion activity is detected.

Indoor Cameras

The Indoor 360 Camera gives you peace of mind inside your home


Touch Pads, Keypads and Pinpads

With its 7” full-colour touchscreen and the ability for wall mounting or tabletop display, the Slimline Touchpad offers complete control of a smart security system from anywhere on the premises.
Arm and disarm the system, view cameras, control smart devices, and initiate scenes all from the Slimline Touchpad PRO. Plus it looks the same as the Alula Smart Security app which makes it easy to learn and use.


With our Alula Connect+, there are no wires, drilling, or dust. Connect+ is a modern, wireless, IP-first hub that sets the bar for fastest installation time. From basic intrusion monitoring systems to advanced video and automation integration, the modular hub allows you to scale your system as needed.


Simple, reliable, and easy to install. Our intrusion sensors by Alula are tamper-proof, encrypted, and ultra-reliable with industry-leading range, extended battery life, and a 5-year warranty.

Home Automation

Security App

The Alula Security App gives you the ability to control your smart system by centralizing management of security, automation, and video. For added convenience, Alula’s Slimline Touchpad control interface and the Security App look and operate the same.

Video and Audio

With our video cameras and video doorbells you can watch and listen indoors or outdoors. Consider our two-way audio cameras to speak with a visitor at the door or talk to your pet while you are away. You can also remotely unlock the door to let someone in.

Life Safety

CO Sensors provide alerts to dangerous levels of CO. The sensor provides CO level memory indication and the alarm will signal when a dangerous amount of CO is detected.
The Smoke Detector is a highly reliable smoke detector with a photoelectric detection element and built-in temporal 3 sounder, long-range transmitter, and a detection element that is UL217 certified.


With Z-Wave™ integration, you can connect virtually any Z-Wave device like wireless locks, lights, and more to your home system.