One app. Complete control.

Alien Homes gives you access to your smart-home technology and security, allowing you to stay connected to what matters most. Everywhere. Every time. Multiple apps might have been fine in the early days, but for a smart home to work properly you need to integrate intrusion security with video and home automation all in one place.

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Solutions We Offer

Video Doorbell

Greet house guests from your phone, foil a porch pirate… you get the picture. From anywhere.
Video Cameras

See and hear what you’ve been missing. Indoor and outdoor cameras complete your system.

View every device on the network, and see and control each camera. An app is also available. 
Door / Window Sensors
Compact, wireless, long-range sensors install without drilling.
Motion Sensors
Get a view on every room. Sensors ignore pet movement but scans for every bump in the night.
Extended Perimeter
Protection beyond the front door.

Garage Door Sensors

Durable tilt sensors tell when someone left the garage door up.

Life Safety

Ultra-reliable, multi-role sensors protect against carbon monoxide, fire, and water damage.

Smart Lighting and More

With our Z-Wave™ wireless module option, the ability to add home automation to your system is easy.

Part of a complete system

Alien Homes’ automation and alarm systems are scalable and can be stand-alone. Whether you want a secure video camera system or you want a complete home automation and alarm system, we can provide that for you. 

Home Automation Ideas

Dusk to dawn

Make the morning friendlier by turning on the kitchen lights and coffee pot. Set the landscape lighting to illuminate the backyard at sundown.

Unlock on disarm

No more juggling for keys with an armful of groceries. Now you can automatically unlock the door when you disarm the system.

Alerts that inform

Choose one alert noise for the garage door opening and a different one for the front door. You will hear the difference and know who is coming and going.

Modular, Expandable Smart Technology

Totally Integrated

Home automation can be integrated right alongside intrusion security and video monitoring. That gives you one app that controls every aspect of your smart home, including turning on the lights to make it look like you’re home when you’re on vacation.

Infinitely Customizable

Smart Home apps enable you to program virtually any home automation you desire. Simply choose a trigger (such as disarming the system) and an action (turn on the lights) and voila! Your home just got smarter.

Broadly Compatible

With Z-Wave™ and Z-Wave Plus control embedded into apps, automation is immediately enabled. Controlling popular lights, locks, and thermostats is just a tap and swipe away.

Lightning Fast

Response time matters. By using certain apps over others, your network is 10 times faster than the blink of an eye. When you press the button to turn on the light you aren’t left waiting in the dark, which is known to happen with certain cloud-based systems.

“Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Protect it with smart home technology by Alien Homes”