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Wireless Home Security & Automation Platinum Kit (WiFi / Cellular / Zwave)

Wireless Home Security & Automation Platinum Kit (WiFi / Cellular / Zwave)

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Alula Connect+ Platinum Alarm Kit, Touch Pad,Zwave,Cell, 3x Nanomax,1x Motion

The CP-PLATINUM Connect+ system from Alula is fully loaded for installs needing all the bells and whistles.  This model features a beautiful slimline touch screen, Ethernet connectivity, cellular card and built in ZWave card to support smart home locks, switches, thermostats and more.  It includes 3 wireless  NANOMAX door/window sensors and a wireless motion sensor.

Alula's Connect+ system is a secure & smart alarm that's easy to install, operate, and manage.  

The interface is consistent between the touch screen, iOS and Android apps to make it simple for end users to learn and use.

Connect+ is designed to handle the security demands in residential and small business applications.


A paid Connect+ account is required.


  • RE6100P-XX-X with Ethernet
  • RE934Z ZWave card
  • RE930RPA LTE Communicator
  • RE926RX Touchpad card
  • RE667W Touchpad Keypad
  • RE610P Motion
  • 3 x RE622 Nanomax door/window sensors



  • High quality,secure, simple, smart security system for residential and small business applications
  • Built in Ethernet & 4G/5G cellular
  • Built-in Zwave card
  • Wireless slim line touch screen
  • Supports up to 50 users & 96 zones
  • Excellent wireless range
  • Offers quick and easy installation to increase technician productivity
  • Designed to be easy to learn, operate and manage, making it easier to switch systems
  • Kits are pre-enrolled
  • Wireless Touchscreen(s) can be placed where is convenient for the user - only power wire required.
  • Untap potential RMR and increase attachment rates - smartphone control, cameras, and system automation capabilities
  • Features remote programming, troubleshooting, and firmware upgrades
  • Includes an outstanding 5 year manufacturer's warranty


The CP-PREMIUM Kit includes:

  • 1 x Connect+ Alarm Panel
  • 4G/5G CAT1 cellular card built in
  • ZWave card built in
  • 1 x Slimline touchpad
  • 3 x door/window sensors
  • 1 x Motion sensor


Works with:

  • Alula interactive
  • Alula slimline touchpad
  • Alula video doorbells
  • Alula sensors
  • Other Alula products
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