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LED Housing Package 100ft - DIY

LED Housing Package 100ft - DIY

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Do It Yourself (DIY) LED housing packages based on 100 linear feet of home.

Package includes:

160 x 12V RGBW LED Light

31 x Aluminum Track for 12V LED (1 meter in length and in chosen color)

1 x Box of color match screws

1 x Controller

2 x 20 Foot Connector

2 x 10 Foot Connector

2 X 5 Foot Connector

2 X 1 Foot Connector

2 X T-Connector for two run splits

4x T-power injection cables for lights

1 X Power Supply for 12V LED

1X 60W Power supply for power injection

6x T-Connectors For power injection cable

3x 20FT Power INJ Extension Cable

2x 20ft PWR INJ Cable For Controller

1x Robertson drill bit for screws

2x 7.5amp fuses for controller

4x 5 amp fuses for controller

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